Table 38: Hockley County Spring 1

Watercolor landscape painting of West Texas with oil well

TITLE: Hockley County Spring 1
H:6” x W:8” on 140 lb cellulose watercolor paper

"Childhood home" is a stretch. I made it to Sundown, Texas in time for my last two years of High School then I was off to college. Still, two years is plenty of time for the dry, flat Llano Estacado to make a big impression. Just ask Francisco Coronado. Without telephone poles, oil wells, houses and buildings, and other man-made features the landscape would be a a flat brown field topped with a blue sky... it would look kind of like a Mark Rothko painting. But the sky! It's so big out there. You get to see the storms develop long before they hit you.
It is home.

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