Table 38: Abstract Landscape 9

Collage and mixed media abstract landscape.

TITLE: Abstract Landscape 9
H:12” x W:9” collage and mixed media on Strathmore Heavyweight Mixed Media paper.

Let's see here... I threw in some fancy mulberry paper from Thailand, some dress pattern paper, cardboard, and pages from an old Zane Grey paperback. The yellowed pages from the paperback novel are the perfect color and weight for collages like these. Too bad you can't smell the pages... it smells like... I don't know, musty old book maybe? They should make a candle that smells like this. I'd totally buy that. Sometimes, before I tear a page out for art, I take a huge snort off it. Don't tell anyone though or the Texas Legislature will just make it illegal. They'll link book-huffing to a conspiracy by radical librarians to subvert the youth of Texas and turn them into Democrats. So, let's just keep this on the down-low, okay? And speaking of the Radical Librarians, that is the name of my new punk rock band. We're currently holding auditions for a drummer. And a bass player. Oh, and a guitarist, too. And it would be a bonus if you can write decent music and lyrics.

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