Table 38: Abstract Landscape 10

Collage and mixed media abstract lansdcape.

TITLE: Abstract Landscape 10
H:12” x W:9” collage and mixed media on Strathmore Heavyweight Mixed Media paper.

Okay, forget what I write earlier about my new punk rock band, The Radical Librarians. That project is on hold. My current (sort of) band, Kim Jong Un's Privates, have agreed to set aside their creative differences and do some more shows. We have to learn how to play our instruments. And then write some songs. But trust me, we will hit the road for an extended North American tour soon. Well, soon-ish. I need to make some more art first. That's on the top of my To-Do List. And speaking of my To-Do List, does anyone know how to fix a leaky bathtub faucet? I guess I'll watch some You-Tubes. But art is higher than that on the list so it may need to wait a few more days.

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