Table 38: Drive-Thru View

Collage and mixed media abstract of a tree with telephone and electrical poles.

TITLE: Drive-Thru View
H:14” x W:12” collage and mixed media on Strathmore Heavyweight Mixed Media paper.

So, earlier this month (April, 2024) my son and I were waiting in the drive-thru lane at La Pradera to pick up a to-go order for dinner. We're facing US-175 and there's this tree smack-dab in front of us. We were early for the pickup so we're just sitting there staring at the tree bookended by a telephone pole and an electrical pole. The symmetry kind of began talking to me. Not out loud, mind you, that would be schizophrenia, but in my mind. Like an inner voice. Wait. Is that schizophrenia too? Can't be. I'm too old to come down with that. Anyway, where was I? Symmetry! Yes, it was vaguely reminiscent of a quick shot from a Wes Anderson film. So I took a picture of it. Now, normally, when I see art in real life like this and I snap a picture and it stays in my album forgotten and never to be made into art. But this one stayed with me and within a day or two I produced this. I'm not sure I got it "right" and maybe I'll do another. But three or four cool kids on Instagram liked it, so maybe it is "right." And speaking of the drive-thru at La Pradera, isn't it funny how you choose and hold onto YOUR Mexican Food Restaurant? I mean, Kaufman, Texas has a Mom-and-Pop Mexican Food Restaurant for every 6 citizens so there's plenty to choose from. But we stick with La Pradera. I have friends who do the same with Carrera's and some who swear by Jalisco's. But the thing is, we almost always stick with what we know and like. But, OMG have you been to Jesse's on the square, yet. Wow! It takes Mexican cuisine up a few notches... kind of like those bougie joints in Dallas, but Boy! is it good! So, my clan is all on-board with Little Mexico for breakfast, La Pradera for lunch, and Jesse's for dinner. I'm sure Carrerra's and Jalisco's is good and all, but... you know.

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