Table 38: 2019-10-03

A cartoon of a sexy worm standing on a fishing hook

Inktober, day 3: "bait". What I was going for here was was kind of a seductress-type trope, where the worm is dancing suggestively around the hook like a stripper on a pole hopefully to entice a lusty fish to stop by and, IDK, put a twenty in her non-existent g-string. In an early version of this sketch I tried to fit the worm into some underwear but it just didn't work. The arms are another thing: worms don't have 'em, so this whole pose is kind of impossible. And although they say that free-will is an illusion, the anthropomorphic worm has no choice in the matter and is savagely attached to the hook but a fisherperson, a human stripper chooses to dance and is only bait if you factor in sex-trafficking and coercion. Not humorous or playful at all. Anyway, here it is. It's probably not a good idea. I certainly would not recommend that anyone use this drawing for anything. Perhaps 50 years ago, it may have been mildly humorous.

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